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--Standout Quotes--
Here are some quotes that make us laugh, cry, melt and just think sometimes.
(The quotes are in chronological order, so the latest ones are at the bottom.)

July 19, 2002

Setting: Rafe is in Livvie's hospital room, very frustrated to learn that she is, in fact, pregnant. She angry at him because she knows he wants to be with Alison and is using the baby to guilt him into staying in the marriage. ( I love this one)

"Why do you do this? Why do you just keep fighting when -- when in your heart you know that -- you know I don't love you."

--Rafe to Livvie

July 19, 2002

Setting:  Alison and Rafe are in the park. Rafe had just left Livvie's hospital's room after telling her that he doesn't love her. He went out soul-searching, and needed to see Alison.

"There's not another face in the world that-- and for weeks it kept calling out to me, shining, like some kind of light in the darkness. The first time that  I actually saw your face--I mean the first time I remember, anyway,  it was like there was something in me sleeping that was waking up. And I just-- I had to. I wasn't thinking, not for a second, I just did what  I thought was right , that's why I kissed you , not just to bring you back, but kinda bring me back to life."  

--Rafe to Alison.

July 22, 2002

Setting: Lucy and Kevin have just found out that Livvie is pregnant, much to Lucy's dismay. Lucy is trying to convince Kevin to help Livvie understand she's only headed for heartbreak. (Livvie is eavesdropping on them-hehe)

"Well, then, I want you to see what path we're headed down here. Alison and Rafe belong together. Now, Rafe may not remember that, but he loves Alison, so your daughter is going to have this loveless marriage. What kind of life is that for the child she's raising? It's not right. Rafe loves Alison. He will never love Livvie -- ever."

--Lucy to Kevin

August 9, 2002

Setting: Jack and Alison are at his house and he is trying to cheer her up by making jokes. ( I know it's dumb, but it's true and funny. hehe)

"Livvie is a fruit loop."

--Jack to Alison

August 26, 2002

Setting: Lucy and Alison asked for a sign for proof that Rafe sold his soul. Suddenly the doors flew open and a burst of white light came in. When it was gone, there was a paper that said:

"A soul without love is a lost soul."

--The clue from Heaven.

September 20, 2002

Setting: Rafe and Alison are in the barn and he is confessing his love to her.

"I still don't remember, but that doesn't matter. I don't love you for our past and all that. I-I love you for now. I've fallen in love with you, Alison."

--Rafe to Alison

September 21, 2002

Setting: Rafe and Alison are in the barn, after he has confessed his love. All the memories of him and Alison have just come back.


--Rafe to Alison