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Welcome to A Match Made in Heaven, dedicated to Rafe and Alison, the most amazing couple I've seen on a soap in a long time.


Okay, okay, I know it's been FOREVER since I updated my site, and I still haven't updated the Recaps. But PLEASE forgive me, I've been so busy with school, but I'm back now. Just graduated, too. Salutatorian of my senior class! Well, I hope you guys can be patient while I try to get this site back on track. --Liz

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(October 1)
Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together! Rafe and Alison are back together!
What more can I say?!?!?!

(September 20)
**HE REMEMBERED!!! (Finally!)** 

Finally, Rafe confessed his love to Alison! What we have been waiting for soo long! What a great reunion huh? Oh right, Livvie spoiled yet another episode by doing a psycho bit.
But I wonder if that was a dream or something. Did that really happen? Did Livvie finally snap?? I couldn't believe what happened I had to rewind the tape to see Livvie shoot Rafe to understand what had happened.   What will happen now that Rafe is not an angel anymore. I really hope he doesn't die cause that would be very disappointing after waiting this long for the Rali reunion.

(September 19) Ohh! Rafe and Alison are soo closed to reuniting, and if the previews are saying what I think they are, it will be SOON!
If only Rafe knew about the baby. Poor Rafe, he's so naive. Well at least he was smart enough to leave his evil wife. hehe
I'm glad all that stuff where Rafe and Livvie were all perfect couple is over. That was just making me sick! hehe
BTW, I can't wait for the reunion. I'm finally caught up and it's getting soo good, I don't want to get behind again!!
I have my fingers crossed for a clean cut from Livvie for Rafe, but I just know something's gonna happen that will complicate things. Oh well. Hopefully by October, Rali will be back!!

(August 25) Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick over this lovey-dovey act going on between Rafe and Livvie. It is just so, uh, for lack of better word, Ewwwwwww! I mean, it is so obvious he doesn't love her, he's just obligated to be with her, in a loveless marriage.
And I'm sooo getting tired of Rafe always pushing away Alison so he can run back to Livvie like an obedient puppy. Oh, and isn't Livvie loving this? She thinks her whole world is absolutely perfect. Well except for that Avatar who's blackmailing her. Oh, if only he would live up to his threats and finally tell Rafe the true paternity of the child.
By the way, isn't Lucy the best? I mean, obviously she can see that Rafe does not love Livvie (if only others would listen) and she took matters into her own hands with that seance. Way to go Lucy! Let's just hope all this meddling doesn't destroy her marriage.

(August 9) Jack kissed Alison. Alison kissed Jack?! What is going on here?? Alison is crushed by Rafe's responsibility for his wife (eew) and child (who's not even his!) and she finds comfort with Jack?!
What is becoming of Port Charles? I really hope Alison realizes she's not meant to be with Jack and Rafe realizes he's DEFINITELY not meant to be with Livvie soon cause Rafe and Alison deserve to be together!

(August 8) Okay, Livvie wants bygones to be bygones? As if it were Alison's fault? Wow, she must be crazy.
Oh yeah, about this little project that Rafe and Alison are working on, I bet it will definitely bring them closer.
And I really think somebody needs to teach Livvie a lesson, like maybe her baby's daddy. hehe That would be good.

(August 4) Is it just me, or is Jack becoming a little too cozy with Alison? Alison doesn't seem to mind, although, it is kind of obvious where she'd rather be, namely in Rafe's arms.
And wasn't that soo dumb of Lucy to tell Livvie her plan? Now we know that Livvie is going to mess it up and Rafe still will have no clue. Oh well, I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed that Lucy's plan still works out and Rafe leaves Livvie for Alison.

(July 28) OMG! I bet Rafe thinks that Alison pushed Livvie on purpose! And it was all Livvie's fault, her and her psychotic possessiveness of her husband who doesn't love her.
What if something happens to the baby (or Livvie)? Will Rafe forgive Alison?? ( I hope so.)
It seems as if they are never going to get back together, but at least someone is fighting for them. It was soo funny when Kevin was giving this "touching" toast about Rafe and Livvie and Lucy was acting soo rude (hehe). Then she tried to jog Rafe's memory by talking about angels (hehe). At least someone in Port Charles believes in Rafe and Alison.

(July 22) Hehe, don't you just love Lucy? "Rafe will never love Livvie." Now if only she could convince Kevin his daughter is a psycho. hehe
And we know she's not right in the mind, because, well, uh, she slept with the Avatar just to keep her husband who doesn't love her! And she must be crazy to think she can make Rafe love her. Rafe doesn't even remember Alison and he's falling in love with her again, so we know that they are meant to be.
Now if only someone could clue Livvie in. Oh right, they tried, but she wouldn't listen and got pregnant with the Avatar's child instead of letting Rafe live happily ever after. Make's you think, does she really love him?? hehe

(July 19) Okay, now wasn't that so sweet, what Rafe told to Alison in the park? (If you missed it, check out my Standout Quotes page) And what is up with Livvie? Rafe just flat-out told her that he does not love her, but yet still here come the lies. Don't you think she'd have been caught by now. Well, at least Rafe is wising up. He is trying to stay by his child and his (eww!) wife, because it's the right thing to do, but he now knows feelings for Alison are strong and true. When will Livvie finally realize that she can't break up Rafe and Alison for good?!

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