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--Daily Recaps--
(Sorry I don't have recaps for previous books, but you can get a brief catch up of all the previous Rali-related books on the "History of Rafe and Alison" page)
~Coming Soon~ Daily Recaps for "Naked Eyes"

   Sorry, I haven't updated the Recaps yet. I'm just so busy with school stuff and homework. I really hope to get everything back on track soon. Please don't lose patience with me!!!
   (And PC is sooooo good now that Rafe and Alison are back together!!!!! I hope to get ya'll the recaps soon!!)

   September 20, 2002
I really have mixed feelings about today's episode!
Did that really happen???

    Alison walked into the barn and noticed that Rafe had carved their names in the heart again. She wondered why and he professed his love for her. She assumed he had gotten his memory back, but he told her he hadn't. He said he had fallen in love with her, not for their past, but for now.  They shared a tearful reunion when suddenly the memories of them together came flooding back to Rafe. "I remember!" he told Alison happily. They hugged and kissed while Rafe apologized for being so cruel to her while he was being manipulated by Livvie. She told him to forget about it and they recalled their wedding ceremony in the barn. Alison told Rafe to kiss his bride and he said, "My wife, My Alison." (aww) They kissed but were interrupted by an explosion. Alison was shocked to see Livvie pointing a gun at Rafe and became stunned when she realized Rafe's psycho wife had shot him.
    He looked at her and whispered, "My angel," and fell.  

   September 16-19, 2002

    Alison begged for her life after the Avatar held her captive. She pleaded and finally he set her free on the condition that she leave PC or else he would have to kill her. She promised, but ran off to find Rafe. As she was running, her foot got caught in a bear trap.
    Rafe waited for Alison in the park, but she never showed up. He went looking for her and was given a farewell letter that Alison supposedly left for him. He read it, but he did not believe it. He told Livvie to meet him in the park, and when she arrived, he demanded to know what she had done with Alison.
    They went to Alison's house, only to discover that all of her stuff was gone. Livvie tried to convince him that Alison had left town, but he did not want to believe it. Livvie accused him of loving Alison more that her and he pretty much told her she was right. He said he would always be there for his child, but he did not want his child to grow up living with parents who don't love each other. He told her that he didn't love her, he wasn't sure how he felt. He left to find Alison.
    He pleaded for Alison to send him a sign and he saw a vision where Alison was in the woods trapped. He set off to find her.
    Livvie remained at the house and, it seemed like, she found and broke every glass and crystal thing Alison owned. She was very angry that Alison was still hurting her even when she was dead. hehe, wrong again Livvie .
    Rafe was searching in the woods, but he couldn't find Alison. He thought about where she would go and remembered her talking about the barn. He went there and saw the heart that had been sanded off. He carved "Alison + Rafe" in a heart again and realized he had made a mistake denying his feelings. He wished Alison would come to him and he turned around, and there she was!

   September 6-September 13, 2002

    Since I am behind in PC episodes, here are the recaps for September 6-13 from

    Alison frets that Rafe will lose his soul if she can't win his heart. Meanwhile, Rafe receives a call from the Avatar hinting that Alison is in grave danger. Rafe rushes over to check on Alison but quickly realizes he's been sent on a wild goose chase in order to leave his pregnant wife vulnerable. Across town, Frank reminds a trembling Livvie that she is the evil which must be eliminated from Port Charles. Alison promises Rafe she has never lied to him and never will. Lucy and Kevin make love. Afterwards, however, Kevin's increasingly bizarre behavior begins to badly frighten Lucy. Rafe blurts out to Alison how much he wants her. As his hands close around her throat, "Kevin" gleefully informs a horrified Lucy that he isn't her Doc after all but Ryan.
    Alison urges Rafe to follow his heart. As the Avatar forces a trembling Livvie to watch, "Ryan" corners Lucy and begins squeezing the life out of the terrified woman. Desperately fighting off her attacker, Lucy begs him to realize that he truly is Kevin and not his murderous twin. Meanwhile, the Avatar reminds Livvie that she is responsible for her father's madness. Reluctantly tearing himself away from Alison's touch, Rafe reminds her why he is not free to pursue his passion. The Avatar finally intervenes to save Lucy from Kevin. Afterwards, Lucy summons Victor and is alarmed to learn that a prostitute was recently attacked by a man fitting Kevin's description. Frank threatens to expose Livvie's latest misdeed unless she tells her husband the real identity of her baby's father. Unwilling to surrender Rafe, Livvie elects to keep mum about the real reason for Kevin's breakdown. Although tempted, Alison decides not to play her trump card in the fight to win Rafe's heart. Later, Livvie returns home to find Rafe and Alison exchanging a farewell hug.
    Lucy struggles to reach beyond the "Ryan" persona and re-establish contact with Kevin. Livvie orders Alison to unhand her husband and get out. After Alison departs, a snarling Livvie reminds Rafe that he must honor his commitment to his family by kicking the blonde bimbo out of his life for good. Rafe tells an outraged Livvie he doesn't honestly want to cut Alison loose. Victor learns that Kevin has been positively identified as the man who attacked a woman on Jasmine Island. Later, Alison has an uncomfortably close encounter with "Ryan" which ends with Victor knocking his son unconscious. As Rafe prays for guidance, Livvie plots her next move. The citizens of Port Charles gather for a candlelight vigil to mark the first anniversary of September 11th.
    Livvie tells Frank she wants him to kill Alison ASAP. Meanwhile, Livvie tries playing temptress to force Frank to do her bidding. When that fails miserably, Livvie gleefully resorts to blackmail and plays for Frank a tape on which she has claimed that he raped her. Rafe and Alison bare their souls to one another. Jack, Jamal and Marissa decide to hit the road together. Livvie suddenly switches tactics with a surprised Rafe.
    Feeling desolate and abandoned by the universe, Lucy throws away her Tarot cards and sadly tells Victor she can't bear the thought of losing Kevin in such a cruel way. Posing as the perfect wife, Livvie assures a grateful Rafe she understands why he needs to resolve his feelings for Alison. Meanwhile, the Avatar takes Alison prisoner and stakes her to a tree in the park. Livvie asks her husband to promise that they'll leave Port Charles and start fresh if he does decide that his future lies with her and their child. Alison tearfully appeals to the Avatar to let her go, then is stunned when he hints that Livvie was the impetus behind her capture. Waiting impatiently at their appointed meeting place, Rafe begins to wonder if Alison has stood him up.

   August 19-September 6, 2002

    Lucy and Alison figured out that Rafe sold his soul to come back to earth to protect her. Alison, planning a trip with Jack, canceled all her plans to stay in PC. Frustrated, Jack took off with Chris for a vacation.
    Ian and Rafe devised a plan to capture the Avatar to reveal the host. They used Karen as bait and succeed in the capture. They held him captive and when Rafe tried to unveil his face, the Avatar attacked him. Livvie found out their plan and, scared Frank/Avatar would reveal the true paternity of her child, she set the place on fire to kill him. Instead of killing him, she and Rafe were trapped in the fire. Alison came just in time to rescue them. After sharing memories of when they were friends, Livvie confessed to Alison, that she was not sure she would have risked her life to save Alison.
    Kevin warned Rafe not to break Livvie's heart and asked him if he truly loved her. Rafe insisted that he did. Later, he told Livvie he loved her, for the first time.
    Alison was heartbroken to see Rafe act so lovingly towards Livvie.
    Kevin found out that Livvie lied about the paternity results and that Rafe was not the father of her child. He told Lucy about his discovery and went off to talk to Livvie.
    Livvie was at her apartment and told Frank/Avatar that she needed to see him, but she intended to drug him. Instead of going to Livvie's, he went to see Karen. When someone to Livvie's door, she assumed it was Frank/Avatar and stuck the needle in the man's arm, only realize, to her horror, she had injected her father with a drug that would make him go crazy.
    Alison stopped off at the hospital chapel to ask for a sign how to help Rafe. Rafe walked in and they started talking. Later on, Alison saw Lucy and Lucy told her that Rafe was not the father of Livvie's child. Alison was happy, but when Lucy suggested they tell Rafe, Alison told her that Rafe needed to find out on his own. A frantic Livvie came to the lighthouse looking for Kevin, but he wasn't there. After she came back to the apartment, Rafe tried to comfort her, but she was very scared about the consequences of what she had done.

   August 16, 2002

    Livvie asks Frank why he's deliberately trying to ruin her marriage. Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to remember his life before Livvie.  Lucy tells Kevin about her latest chat with her cousin. Frank rubs Livvie's nose in the fact that Rafe only chose her because he had lost his memories of Alison. Later, angered by Livvie's whining, the Avatar doles out some new punishment. Rafe sternly reminds himself to forget about Alison and concentrate on protecting his wife and child. Ian, Alison and Jack find Livvie cowering in terror.

   August 15, 2002

    At the hospital, Ian tells Kevin about the warning he and Rafe received from the Avatar. Alison apologizes to Jack for laying the entire blame for their kiss squarely on him. After agreeing to go back to being just friends, Alison confides to Jack how Rafe magically saved her the night before. Meanwhile, an agitated Rafe asks Lucy if he ever demonstrated any special powers before he lost his memory. Lucy finally reveals to her astonished cousin that his previous address was Heaven. Kevin makes a futile attempt to reason with Livvie about the true state of her marriage. Unwilling to believe Lucy's wild tale, Rafe accuses her of lying in order to drive a wedge between him and his wife.

   August 14, 2002

    As Alison begs the Avatar to let her and the baby go, Rafe, Kate and an enraged Ian arrive on the scene and force the shadowy creature to withdraw. Alison screams as she tumbles down a ravine. Rafe finally manages to pull Alison to safety.

   August 13, 2002

    Determined to make her husband love her, Livvie works on seducing Rafe back into bed. After turning down Frank's offer of a ride, Alison sets off through the park with Danny in tow. After they have sex, Rafe apologizes to Livvie for being so distracted lately by the work he's been called to do. Even as Livvie sleeps in his arms, Rafe dreams of Alison and realizes she's in the clutches of the Avatar. Kevin admits to Lucy how worried he is that-- given his daughter's track record--she may not be safe from the latest dark creature to inhabit Port Charles.

   August 12, 2002

    Alison pulled away from an embrace with Jack just as Jamal walked in, armed with his stuff and ready to move in with Jack. Jack and Alison looked kind of embarrassed and tried to cover it up. After Jamal left the room, Jack confessed to Alison that, if Jamal hadn't have walked in, he wouldn't have stopped kissing her. But, Alison explained to him that them as a couple would be too weird. Jack was upset and wanted to know why it would be weird and she explained that she still was still very much in love with Rafe. She suggested they forget the whole thing, but Jack said he couldn't.
    The police raided the park, intruding on Rafe and Ian's plan to defeat the Avatar. Doree told them they have to go and Rafe and Ian realized that their plan had been ruined. They knew that, since the police were there, the Avatar would never come.
    Livvie was in the Avatar's hideout and was trying to reason with Frank, the Avatar's human side. She pleaded with him not to fall into Rafe's trap and to just leave town, because his work in Port Charles was finished. The Avatar told her that he knew why she wanted him out of PC, and that's because she didn't want her husband to find out about the baby. She accused him of being heartless and he scoffed at her. He said that she was the one who was heartless, because she was lying to keep two people away who obviously love each other very much. He said that Rafe will never feel anything for her other than obligation. He has, and always will, love Alison. Rafe and Alison, that's true love, said the Avatar. (so true, so true)
    Livvie was upset and was going to leave when the Avatar stopped her and made the baby move. Livvie asked him how he had done that. He reminded her that he was the one in charge.
    The Avatar vowed to get revenge on Ian and Rafe, for what they had tried to do.
    Back at the apartment with Rafe, she told him that she was happy the Avatar hadn't shown up because she was worried about him. She remembered what the Avatar had said about Rafe's love for Alison and she told Rafe to make love to her. He said, that since she had just gotten out of the hospital, they should wait awhile. Livvie, angrily, sulked in Rafe's arms.
    Ian was at the hospital and Colleen mentioned that she had seen Danny out with his nanny in the park. Ian wondered why they were out, when they were supposed to be at home already.
    At the pizza shack, Alison was wondering about her and Jack when she saw Danny and his nanny. The nanny suddenly remembered she had to pick up a prescription and Alison offered to take Danny home. The nanny agreed and left.
    Frank ran into Alison and Danny at the pizza shack and offered to drive them to Ian's apartment. (revenge time??)

   August 9, 2002

    Livvie overheard Rafe and Ian talking about their plan to defeat the Avatar. They decided to injure his ego by badmouthing him publicly in hopes that he would retaliate and fall into their trap. If he comes to them, as they hope he will, they will try to coax the host out and convince him to fight the Avatar. Rafe suggested Ian go on tv and tell the people what happened when the Avatar attacked him. Ian agreed and did an interview with a reporter in the park. He said the Avatar was a coward and that he wanted the Avatar to come to him and face him.
    Meanwhile, Jack was getting mad at Alison because, he said, every time Rafe hurt her, he came running to him and he was tired of it. Alison realized he was right and apologized. She said that she couldn't forget Rafe although she knows she should. She recalled that she was right when she began seeing the signs, during her trial, that pointed to Rafe's arrival in Port Charles, and now she was looking for signs again. But, she said, she was ignoring the big red S-T-O-P sign right in front of her. Jack said there are a lot of other signs and they were acting dumb and calling out various road signs. Then Jack said, Livvie is a Fruit Loop sign and they both laughed.
    Alison and Jack appeared to be having a good time and Alison pointed out that he always cheers her up. The started tickling each other and somehow, Jack managed to kiss her. He was going to apologize, but Alison interrupted him by kissing him.
    Realizing she must protect the Avatar to keep her secret safe, Livvie ran off to find the Avatar. She warned him about Rafe and Ian's plan and said she would help him, if only he would trust her. Trust, that's a funny word coming from you, the Avatar told her. hehe Livvie asked the Avatar to trust her and he seemed hesitant. She pulled off his hood and took his face in her hands. The Avatar turned and he was revealed to be Frank!

   August 8, 2002

    Tired of getting the silent treatment from her husband, Lucy reminds Kevin that hiding his head in the sand won't help Livvie deal with her basic character flaws. Alison does some research on the Internet and reports to Rafe how an unsolved serial case appears to fit the Avatar's pattern. Later, Alison is taken aback when Livvie suggests they let bygones be bygones. Kevin confides to Lucy why he blames himself for some of his daughter's problems. Reminding Livvie he was born to the task, Rafe explains how determined he is to expose the Avatar's human host and drive the creature out of Port Charles for good. Jack's chilly demeanor puzzles Alison. Jack tells Alison he's tired of being the consolation prize every time Rafe blows her off.

   August 7, 2002

    After Ian demands proof that he really does know "Lancelot", Chris announces that a crack house on the other side of town has been just been closed down permanently by the shadowy avenger. Livvie forces Summer to do her bidding again under threat of blackmail. Alison tells Rafe how he made last Christmas special for so many happy couples in Port Charles. Thanks to Livvie's manipulations, an irked Kevin gets wind of his wife's latest round of meddling. Recalling his mission as a slayer, Rafe confides to Alison how pleased he feels to be back on track. An eavesdropping Livvie is delighted to hear her father arguing with Lucy.
    -extra from Liz **Kevin found out about the paternity test and Livvie later gloated when she confronted Lucy and pointed out that if Kevin has to choose between her and Lucy, he sure wasn't going to choose Lucy. Later on, as Livvie was waiting for Rafe to pick her up from the hospital, Summer showed her where her husband was, in the park with Alison, courtesy of the news coverage on tv. hehe**

   August 6, 2002

    Jack angrily interrupts a kiss between Rafe and Alison. Ian and Rafe compare notes on their recent encounters with the Avatar. Meanwhile, in the park, Chris finally meets his hero but realizes too late that "Lancelot" may not feel so warmly about him. Alison accuses Jack of acting all territorial with her as if they were romantically entangled. Later, Alison and Jack walk in on a moment of passion between Jamal and Marissa. Rafe warns Ian that they've royally ticked off the Avatar by forcing it to change its pattern.

   August 5, 2002

    Lucy told Livvie she had a plan that would finally bring out the truth that Rafe is not the father of Livvie's child. Livvie asked Lucy why she couldn't just accept that she and Rafe loved each other and are married. Lucy asked how she could just ruin people's lives. She said that Rafe and Alison were in love and she just came and ruined their lives. Summer came in and said she needed to take Livvie's vitals and Lucy left.
    At the docks, Rafe encountered the Avatar and was prepared to fight it, when he realized Alison hadn't left. He tried to protect her while trying to reason with the Avatar's host to show himself. The Avatar said that since Rafe is a slayer, their missions are the same, to keep trouble away. Rafe said they were hardly brothers because the Avatar's protection comes with a price. After winning the people over, he wants to control them. Alison demanded to know what the shadowy figure was.
    Lucy came back into Livvie's room and was glad when Summer brought her the test results. She was shocked, however, when she read the results. Livvie grabbed the papers and smugly read the results aloud: Rafe Kovich and Baby Kovich, 100% match. Lucy wanted to know how Livvie had fixed the results, but Livvie just played the innocent victim, saying that her dad wouldn't like Lucy to be putting so much stress on his pregnant daughter. Lucy, although still convinced Livvie had the test results fixed, left for Kevin's sake. Summer came back to Livvie's room and Livvie paid her for fixing the test results.
    Rafe told the Avatar he was prepared to fight him. He tried to persuade the human host to come out, but he wouldn't. Rafe said he was trained to fight him and he would. He demanded the Avatar leave Port Charles. The Avatar got mad and went to it's little shed or whatever his hideout is and suddenly the hideout exploded. Alison was in awe about how seriously Rafe took his slayer job. She said he seemed so sure about what he was doing. Rafe said there was only thing he was more sure about. They hugged. A crushed Jack looked on from the shadows.
    In the park, the angry Avatar found Chris alone. While Chris was excited, the Avatar didn't apear to be.

   August 2, 2002

    Rafe went looking for the Avatar at the docks and called out to the spirit and said that he knows what he's dealing with. He had a flashback to when he was a young slayer. He said that the Avatar would be near the water.
    Lucy and Kevin went to see Livvie in the hospital and Lucy was hesitant to go into her room. She sent Kevin ahead without her and, after he left, wondered where the doctor was. The doctor found her and said he was ready whenever she was. Lucy said that was good because her cousin, Rafe, needed to find out if he was the father of the baby.
    Lucy made sure the doctor knew to make the test seem like a normal part of the prenatal care. The doctor agreed and gave her his word of secrecy.
    Kevin was in Livvie's room and Livvie assured him that she and the baby were fine. Lucy came in and asked if she could come in. Livvie said yes because she was too happy to say no; her baby is safe and her husband is wonderful. The doctor walked in and Livvie and Kevin were surprised. The doctor explained that he was only going to perform a normal procedure similar to a sonogram.
    Rafe was at the docks calling out for the Avatar. He heard footsteps and was surprised to see Alison. Then he saw a hooded shadow and told Alison to run away. She didn't know what to do and she was asking Rafe why he wanted her to go away when Rafe pulled her down, covered her with his body and told her to close her eyes. The shadow emerged from the darkness, but it was only a fisherman.
    Alison was puzzled by Rafe's behavior and demanded to know what was wrong. He said he was sorry, but he thought she was in danger and he wanted to protect her. Alison said that he tends to protect people when he thinks they're in trouble.
    Alison commented on the awkwardness of the situation. She said that it was going to be weird if they keep running into each other. She suggested, jokingly, that one of them move to Australia. Rafe said it wasn't going to be him, kangaroos give him the creeps. (oooookay) Alison said she didn't want to have to deal with that whole winter-summer switch thing. Then we're doomed to live here forever, said Rafe. Alison said that they were just going to have to make it bearable. Rafe said, "At least it won't have to be koala bear-able." (uh, oooookay) hehe
    The doctor finished the test and Lucy said she'll see him soon. Livvie gave this oh so heartwarming speech about how babies are such miracles and that love, trust and happiness are the most valuable things in a family. Kevin asked Lucy and Livvie to come to a truce and left them alone to talk. Lucy began to apologize but Livvie interrupted her and said, "Listen, grandma" I know what my dad's up to, but I will never call you my friend.
    Livvie said that they didn't have to pretend anymore because Kevin was gone. Lucy and Livvie started telling each other off and Lucy was getting pretty mad at Livvie. (She called her a lying, manipulative little b!tch) hehe. Then Lucy told Livvie all about her plan to find out if Rafe is the father of her child (noo, stupid move!!)
    Rafe asked if Alison really wanted him to move. She said that right now, he couldn't be any further away. Rafe heard footsteps again and told Alison to go so she would be safe. She was reluctant to go, but Rafe told her to go and she left. Rafe crouched down, sort of hiding, waiting for he Avatar. The Avatar approached him and said, "Slayer." Alison crept back and hid from their view.
    Meanwhile, Ian and Kate confronted Chris with Ian's theory that Chris is the Avatar after Ian was attacked by a shadowy figure. Chris denied the accusation and explained what he's been up to. Ian began to doubt his theory.

   August 1, 2002

    Amanda announces that she's decided to send her granddaughter away to school so she can recover from her broken heart. Livvie tells Rafe she's no longer bothered by stories about the shadowy avenger. Relating how he saw the Avatar destroy an entire town years ago, Rafe explains to Livvie why he alone must fight the creature on behalf of Port Charles. An agitated Livvie urges her husband not to take on the Avatar or its human host. Alison reminds Amanda that all she really needs is some time alone.

   July 31, 2002

    Jack describes for an appalled Lucy how Rafe went off on Alison for fighting with his pregnant wife. Livvie threatens to turn the Avatar in unless he discloses what manner of child she's really carrying. Alison returns to work waiting tables at the Recovery Room and quickly encounters a remorseful Rafe, who apologizes for the accusations he made earlier. Lucy speculates that Livvie deliberately tried to suffer a miscarriage because her husband is not the baby's father. The Avatar shows Livvie his collection of clippings, then informs her that her offspring will be a special child destined for greatness. Lucy cons an inexperienced new nurse into handing over her stepdaughter's medical chart. Relieved to learn her child is human, Livvie promises the Avatar she won't reveal his true identity.

   July 30, 2002

    Alison and Jack were leaving the hospital when a nurse stopped them and told Alison that she had heard about the incident on the stairs and just wanted to let her know that Livvie and the baby were doing fine. Alison was relieved and wanted to go patch things up with Rafe, but Jack wouldn't let her and said she needed to loosen up. He said he was going to take her someplace and she wasn't going to argue with him.
    Livvie asked Dr. Neumann if there were any changes, but the doctor told her things had only gotten better. When the doctor left, Livvie, once again, remembered her deal with the Avatar and wondered how the baby survived such a hard fall. Rafe came in, followed by the doctor and asked if they wanted to hear the heartbeat. Livvie asked if it was too soon to hear a heartbeat, but Dr. Neumann said that if they listen closely, they could. They tried to listen to the heartbeat and Dr. Neumann was surprised to hear a loud, stong heartbeat for such a young baby. She said it was almost as if the fall energized it.
    Jack took Alison to a closed carnival. He led Alison over to that game that tests your strength and he showed her how to hit it. He hit it very hard and she wondered who he was thinking of. He, more or less, told her Livvie (The girl of my dreams, which is now the girl of my nightmares). hehe  Alison took her turn and hit it harder than Jack and was happy at the distraction.
    Rafe asked if they should be concerned and the doctor told him no, but Livvie should take care of herself and could not leave the hospital till the next day. Dr. Neumann told them to count their blessings.
    Rafe said that somebody must be looking out for their baby. Somebody must be, said Livvie.
    Rafe said that he knew that he wasn't exactly happy when he found out she was pregnant, but when he thought they were going to lose the baby, he realized he wanted the baby more than anything.
    Then Rafe noticed that Livvie was acting strange and wondered if maybe she was disappointed that the baby had survived.
    Jack was surprised to find out that Alison had never been to a carnival. She explained that her "Nana" would never let her go. But, she told him, she would catch her "Nana" watching old movies where the couples would be having fun at the carnivals and the guy would always win the girl a stuffed animal. Alison told Jack to win her a stuffed animal.
    They went around the carnival playing all the games and Jack got her a huge stuffed bear. Alison thanked Jack for doing all of that for her.
    Livvie got mad at Rafe for accusing her of wanting to lose the baby. She turned the tables on him and said it was probably him who wanted to lose the baby. Rafe apologized and said, yes, he had been conflicted about somethings, like her and the baby, but he said it was going to change. Now, Livvie and the baby were going to be his number one priority. Rafe said he never meant to hurt her. Livvie told him that it was okay, but she wanted him to go because she needed to rest. He didn't want to leave her, but she convinced him to go.
    Livvie made sure Rafe was gone and got dressed and went looking for the Avatar.
    Alison and Jack were sitting at the carnival and Jack asked if she was having fun. She said yes and she had even forgotten about Rafe. Really? asked Jack. No, she told him, but this was the most fun she'd had in a long time.
    As Rafe was leaving the hospital, Ian stopped him to ask more questions about the Avatar. Rafe explained that the host knows he's the Avatar and that he really gets into the whole crime fighting thing. Ian wondered if Chris is the Avatar.
    Livvie went to find the Avatar and the Avatar told her she shouldn't have gone to find him. She demanded to know what was growing inside of her and threatened to tell everyone his identity if he didn't tell her. (Oh, reeeeeal smart)

   July 29, 2002

    Livvie fell down the stairs and Rafe came running to her and called for help. Alison went over to help her, but Rafe yelled at her to go away.
    Livvie was in her hospital room and was crying and pretending to be worried about her unborn child. Dr. Neumann came in and told Livvie that because the pregnancy was in an early stage and because she had such a hard fall, there could be serious complications. Rafe asked if there was still a chance that the baby would be all right, and Dr. Neumann said that she would do everything she can to help them.
    Alison was waiting outside Livvie's hospital room and Jack came up to her. Alison explained what happened and said that she would never want anything to happen to Livvie or the baby. She told him that all she was trying to do was tell Livvie that she promised never to go near her or Rafe again, but Livvie wouldn't listen and she started yelling and making a scene and kept pushing Alison. Alison wondered if she had done this on purpose, pushing Alison so she would push her back, so she would fall. Rafe overheard and asked if that's what she wants to believe so she can feel better.
    Alison tried to explain what she meant, but Rafe said that Livvie would never want to lose the baby on purpose, she was crying in her hospital room hoping the baby is all right. Alison told him that they all hope the baby is all right. She told him Livvie's fall was an accident. Rafe voiced his doubts about that and Alison was shocked to realize that Rafe didn't believe it was an accident. Rafe asked why she had been arguing with Livvie, and why she was even at the hospital anyway. Jack told him that he had brought her because she wasn't feeling well and that's when they ran into his lunatic wife hehe.
    Rafe and Jack were mad and Alison interrupted them and said that Rafe was right, she should have just walked away from Livvie and not argued with her. She said the only thing that would make all of this better is if the doctor comes out and tells them everything is fine. Rafe said everything would be okay if Alison had never showed up.
    Livvie was pretending to be worried while talking to Dr. Neumann and the doctor told her that she should pray for her child. When the doctor left, Livvie was talking to her unborn child, whom she believed to be dead, and said that she had to get rid of it because she didn't know what kind of monster it would be. But, she said, she would try again, and this time, her baby would be Rafe's child.
    Alison was praying for the child and Jack told her that they should leave. He explained that if Rafe and Livvie received good news, Alison would have to see them playing the happy, married couple, but if it was bad news, they would place all the blame on her. He said that Rafe was right, Alison should just leave them alone.
    Livvie asked if Alison was still there and Rafe told her that he asked Alison to leave. Livvie told him not to blame Alison because she hadn't made her fall. Livvie said that they will try again and they will have their baby.
    Dr. Neumann walked in and told them it was good news. Everything was fine, her baby was doing okay. Livvie started crying because her plan had not worked, but Rafe mistook her tears for happiness.

Sorry the recap is late (I've been soo busy) but here it is, (plus a more detailed one for Thursday's episode as promised) and it's only two days late. hehe -Liz

   July 26, 2002

    Alison and Rafe ran into each other at the lighthouse. Alison explained that Lucy had invited her over to show her the souvenirs they had gotten in England. Rafe told her that he was meeting Livvie here to have dinner with Kevin and Lucy. Rafe asked her how she was doing and Alison said she was doing okay, but felt she would feel better when she left. Lucy came outside and said it was great they were there, but told Rafe he was early. Rafe said that he was sure he got there at the time Lucy wanted him to (meaning he thought she was setting him up). Alison got upset and told Lucy she knows she meant well, but she had to leave. Rafe and Kevin got mad at Lucy for setting Rafe and Alison up and told her she shouldn't have done that.
    Livvie confronted the Avatar. She was mad because she had thought it was human, but now she knows it's not. She demanded to know what she was carrying and asked what it had done to her. What you wanted, the Avatar told her. Livvie wondered what was going to happen to her.
    Kevin asked Lucy what she was thinking when she pulled that trick. She told him that she thought Rafe and Alison needed some time to sort things out. Kevin told her that every thing was settled. He said what she had done was cruel to them, and Lucy admitted that it was a bad call, but she couldn't stand the pain in their eyes. Rafe got mad and told her that he didn't care what she saw in his eyes. He said that it was over between him and Alison. He's married now and seeing Alison was not a good idea. Livvie walked in and asked if Alison had been there.
    At the bike shop, Jack was setting up the equipment for the modeling shoot and Alison walked in with a suitcase full of clothes for her to wear. She was rambling on and Jack asked what was the matter. She said nothing and told him that she just wanted to get on with the pictures.
    Jack started taking pictures and he told her she looked nice. Nice? she asked. She told him she wanted something more sexy and started modeling sexier. She told him that this was the beginning of the new sophisticated, sexier Alison. While she was modeling, she got dizzy and Jack took her to the hospital.
    Livvie got mad about Alison coming over and Kevin and Rafe changed the subject. As they sat down to eat, Livvie was still upset but Rafe just shrugged it off. Kevin mad a toast to Rafe and Livvie (Lucy said "Whatever." hehe) Kevin said he hoped it was all smooth sailing from now on. Lucy said smooth sailing reminds her of babies, and they are a blessing that come from angels. She asked if Rafe believed in angels. hehe
     Livvie interrupted and said they believe in human blessing. Kevin changed the subject, but Livvie felt the baby move again. Rafe decided to take Livvie to the hospital.
    (Kevin was really mad at Lucy and he told her that she shouldn't think of Livvie as the 'old' Livvie because marriage and pregnancy have matured her.   ooookay )
    At the hospital, Livvie was upset and Rafe told her he knows how she feels, he knows how much the baby means to her. To us, Livvie told him. Yeah, to us, said Rafe. Livvie felt the baby move again and Rafe went to find the doctor. While he was gone, Livvie heard Alison's voice in the stairwell. Jack was telling her that the neurologist told her she needed to rest. Livvie was at the bottom of the stairs and they noticed her. Jack said he would congratulate her, only he wasn't sure if she was ready for motherhood yet. Livvie told him she couldn't care less what he thought (ooh, good come back. hehe).
    Livvie told him that she wanted a minute alone with Alison. Alison told Jack it was okay. Livvie started to tell Alison something, but Alison interrupted and told her that she and Rafe had a talk and he had made his intentions very clear. Livvie mentioned the incident at the lighthouse. Alison said she didn't have to explain herself to Livvie. Livvie told her that Rafe would never go back to her because he was hers and her baby's. Alison asked if she had been listening, cause she had already said that she would leave them alone. Livvie said, once again, that Alison can't have her husband (talk about insecure), but was interrupted when she felt the baby move again. Alison was worried and reached out to help her, but Livvie grabbed her wrists and pushed her away shouting, "Don't touch me!" When Alison tried to get out of Livvie's grip, Livvie lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Rafe saw her and came running while a shocked Alison just looked on.
    (btw: I didn't like the previews cause it showed Alison trying to help Livvie, but Rafe yelled at her to go away. )

   July 25, 2002

    Alison found Jamal by himself at the pizza place and was going to ask if she could join him, but Marissa came up and Alison was kinda embarrassed.
    Livvie was at her apartment and thought about the conversation that Rafe and Ian had and she remembered about her deal with the Avatar and was so shaken up she dropped a glass. She felt the baby move again and was worried, saying that the baby was only a few days old and she wondered what was happening to her. Rafe came into the room asked what was wrong.
    Alison saw Kate and lied to Jamal, saying that she was there to see Kate. She approached Kate and asked if she could play along so she wouldn't look dumb. Kate agreed and they started talking and Alison admitted that it felt weird seeing Jamal with another girl, but she was happy he was moving on. Alison had a headache and Kate asked what had happened. Alison told her she had a hangover. Kate was surprised and Alison explained that Jack had gotten her drunk for her birthday.
    She asked Kate how her trip had gone. Kate said it was fine, but now she had to find an apartment. Alison suggested that Kate move in with her.
    Rafe was worried and Livvie lied, saying that it was nothing, she had just dropped a glass. She changed the subject and said they had to get ready to go to her dad's house for dinner. But Rafe pressed her for an answer and she said that she had felt the baby move again. Rafe tried to reassure her that it was just her body adjusting to the pregnancy, like Ian had said. He said she was just probably nervous because she thinks he's going to leave her, but he said he would never leave her and the baby. Then he tried to downplay the conversation he had earlier with Ian.
    Kate was reluctant at first, saying that she didn't really like to have a roommate. Alison said that it wasn't permanent, but she just wanted a distraction from Rafe. Then she told Kate that Livvie is pregnant and that she and Rafe have decided to stay away from each other. She said it was hard for her take it all in, the man she loves and her one time best friend are married. Then Alison got a phone call and told Kate she had to leave. Alison asked what she had decided and Kate told her that she would move in with her.
    Rafe suggested they cancel the dinner with Kevin and Lucy, if that's what Livvie wanted She said that she doesn't know what she wants and she feels likes she losing it. hehe (losing it? it's already gone)
    Rafe understood that she was still worried about the Avatar and said she shouldn't worry. Livvie said that, since he was trained as a vampire slayer, he wouldn't have mentioned it if it weren't true. She said she wanted to know if the Avatar can reproduce.  She started thinking in her head about what her baby would be like. Rafe got worried about Livvie and said that they should cancel. Livvie said that she was fine and they should go to the dinner because she wanted to feel normal again. She told him to go ahead without her because she had errands to do. Rafe was puzzled, but agreed. Livvie went out in search of answers, looking for the Avatar.
    Just as Rafe reached Kevin's house, he found Alison at the door.

   July 24, 2002

    Jack and Alison were in the park, when he surprised her with a pizza for her birthday. Alison was surprised to realize she had forgotten her 21st birthday. Jack told her he had another surprise to forget about all their troubles and he brought out a bottle of champagne. Jack lit the candle and Alison blew it out.
    At the hospital, Rafe was worried about Livvie, who had fainted. Ian told him she was fine. Livvie started mumbling about a monster growing inside of her.
    The Avatar was lurking around outside in the darkness and heard a woman scream.
    Jack poured Alison what she called, her "very first legal drink." Jack asked if she had thought she would be spending her birthday somewhere more exciting. She told him that she wasn't too into birthdays, but she was happy as long as she was with friends. They both thanked each other for being there when they were in trouble (when he was a vampire and when she was on trial for that whole Rebecca thing). "To friends,"  they toasted. They both recalled memories they shared during their friendship, and Jack said that all of that seemed so long ago.
    They toasted again to Alison, but she started crying because she missed Rafe.
    At the hospital, Ian told Livvie that her baby was okay. Rafe told her that there was no monster. Monster? asked Livvie. Rafe told her that she had been saying something about a monster and her baby. Livvie said she had heard them talking about the monster and she just lost it. She said she was okay, but Ian said that Rafe had told him she wasn't feeling well. Livvie told him that she had felt the baby move. Ian told her that it was too early for that, so he told Summer to check her out.
    Ian told Rafe he understood why she acted like that because she was so scared of other-worldly things. Rafe told him he knew about the vampires. He told Ian that the Avatar is harder to fight down than a vampire. The Avatar gets everyone to trust in and depend on him and by the time they realize they are being controlled by it, it's too late. Ian asked if it could be destroyed and Rafe said the host body could be killed, but it would have to find another, hopefully somewhere else. Livvie called Rafe and he told her that Ian said she could go home if she checked out okay. Summer said she was fine and Rafe asked if she was ready to go home. Livvie said she wanted to know everything about the Avatar.
    Alison was upset about how everything had turned out. Jack said that he had thought Livvie was lying about the baby and Alison said she couldn't believe Livvie was telling the truth for once, and of course since Rafe is such a good guy, he takes the responsibility.
    Jack told her he had something to take her mind off of her troubles. He asked her if she would model for him because he had a possible job offer, but needed a portfolio. He asked if she would be his model. Alison said she could use the distraction. They toasted again to new adventures and new beginnings.
    Livvie pressured Rafe for answers, but he didn't want to upset her. He explained that he knew about Caleb and he understands why she acts they way she does. Livvie was happy because she Rafe finally understood her (yeah right   ). Once again, she remembered her dirty little secret. Rafe suggested they go home.
    The Avatar stood looking down on a dead man and blood was everywhere. The Avatar said, "Shame."
    At the apartment, Rafe asked if she felt better now that she was home. She said yes, but she just wanted to relax. He told her he was going to get the rest of his stuff. Livvie worried about what she had done.
    Alison, obviously drunk, was pretend modeling for Jack. She stood on the park bench and was pretending to be a world famous model, when she fell and landed on Jack.
    Outside the apartment, Rafe wondered why he felt like he needed to be with Alison, but pushed all those thoughts away, saying he needed to concentrate on his baby and his life with Livvie. (   when is he gonna get a clue?)
    Livvie had a dream where she was holding the baby and Rafe came in. As he knelt down to see the baby, he recoiled in fear, and said that thing was a monster. Livvie woke up, screaming.
    The Avatar washed the blood off his hands in a fountain.

   July 23, 2002

    Livvie was in her hospital room and, once again, recalled her agreement with the Avatar. She said that the world would never know her secret and as far as everyone is concerned, Rafe is the father. Rafe walked in and asked if she was ready to go home. She said yes, she and the baby were ready.
    Livvie asked Rafe if he had checked out the apartment. He said yes, that her mother had left her a beautiful place. Livvie said that it was a perfect place to raise a family. She said that he had made her so happy, because they were finally a real family. She said that because they only had eight more months alone and they should take advantage of it. (eww)  Then Livvie got a cramp in her stomach and worried about what was happening to her.
    Rafe suggested that a doctor take look at Livvie before they left. Livvie was reluctant, but finally agreed. Rafe went to Ian and asked him check on Livvie. He noticed that Ian was reading about Avatars and commented on that. Ian asked if he knew about them. Rafe said, not only did he know about them, he'd seen one in action.
    Ian asked if the Avatar was the real thing. Rafe explained that as a vampire slayer, he didn't just deal with the undead. He told Ian, when he was younger, he couldn't wait to be a vampire slayer, so he ran away before his training was complete, but got lost. He encountered a village that was being controlled by an Avatar. He told Ian that the village was completely destroyed, burnt to the ground.
    Ian told him about the Shadow Man that was invading Port Charles. Rafe said the Avatar must have found a new host in Port Charles. He explained to Ian that an Avatar can not live independently, it needs a willing and receptive host, it could be anybody. As soon as it gets rid of all the evil, it makes up its own trouble so it will have something to do. Ian asked if there was only one spirit. Rafe said yes, but it can reproduce. In human form? asked Ian. Rafe told him he had no idea. An eavesdropping Livvie fainted when she heard this.

   July 22, 2002

    Livvie recalled sleeping with the Avatar and thought to herself that Rafe would never have to know that the baby wasn't his, giving her time to make him love her. (oooookay) Kevin and Lucy went to visit Livvie in the hospital and were stunned by the news that she's pregnant.
    In the park, Alison told Rafe that things could never be the same between them, even if he did get his memory back. Rafe said that he understood. He has to make it work out with Livvie for the sake of the baby. But, he told her, he knows they had something very special and real. Alison said that she needed to hear that. They both agreed that they  wished that things were different, but now, there was a child involved. Alison said that this was goodbye and was about to leave when Rafe told her not to go.
    Kevin was speechless by Livvie's news, but he said he was happy for her. Lucy was upset and was acting very rude towards Livvie when she heard the news. (hehe) Kevin asked why he was just now learning the news and Livvie said some lie about her wanting to be sure, or something, but she was just a few weeks along. (more like, uh, a day.)
    Lucy asked if Rafe was okay with this. Livvie got mad and said that he was her husband, even though she knew Lucy wanted Rafe and Alison to be together. Livvie asked if Lucy could just be there for her. Lucy told her that she could stay with them at the lighthouse, but Livvie said that she wanted to raise her baby with her husband. But Rafe doesn't love you, Lucy pointed out. (hehe, you go Lucy) Livvie got really mad and said that Lucy believed that Rafe was going to leave her and that she was going to be alone.
    Kevin dragged Lucy out of the room and told her to ease up on Livvie because she's pregnant. But Lucy said that she could feel that all of this was going to end up in disaster.
    Rafe explained to Alison that, although he doesn't remember their past together, he can feel what he's about to give up. Alison said that some connections are so strong you can feel them, no matter what. Rafe said that he would give anything for it not to be like this, and Alison understood. But, Alison told him, there was no place in his life for her.
    Rafe agreed and said that he needed to make things right with Livvie. But, he couldn't let Alison go. Alison said that she knows he has to make things work with Livvie because he's a good person and she can't blame him for that, because that's why she fell in love with him. Rafe touched her face lovingly.
    Lucy said that she couldn't believe how well Kevin was taking the news. Kevin said that under the circumstances, he wasn't exactly thrilled, but they couldn't just gang up on her, because she's pregnant. Lucy told him that he should convince Livvie to move in with them. Kevin said that Livvie wants to live with her husband. Lucy said that Rafe doesn't love her and she's just living in some fantasy world. Kevin admitted that his daughter has some problems (understatement of the year), but how does Lucy know that Rafe doesn't love Livvie. Lucy said that she knows Rafe loves Alison, and he will never love Livvie. Livvie, who was apparently eavesdropping on them, told Lucy to leave, because she was ruining the happiest moment of her life.
    Alison told Rafe he shouldn't touch her like that because she won't let him go. Rafe agreed and said he knew where he needed to be. Alison told him that he was going to be an amazing father. Rafe asked if she was going to be okay and Alison told him she has to be. Rafe laughed out of frustration and said that he wished he remembered her. He left to go see Livvie.
    Lucy found Alison in the park and realized that she knew about the pregnancy. Lucy told her that maybe she could work things out with Rafe, but Alison told her that Rafe was staying with Livvie. Lucy said that was just like Rafe, doing the right thing. She told Alison that she must know that Livvie used so many lies to get Rafe to marry her. Alison said that it was over between her and Rafe.
    Kevin was talking with Livvie about her relationship with Rafe, when Rafe walked in and said he wanted to talk to Livvie alone. Rafe told her that he had been talking to Alison and he had told her that they couldn't see each other anymore. Livvie was so happy and started babbling about how happy they were going to be, but then she started coughing. When Rafe went to get her some water, she started talking to herself about how her plan worked, she has Rafe and no one will ever know her secret.
    Some little boys were playing and pretending to be the Shadow Man, and the Avatar overheard them praising him. In his hideout, he had clipped the newspaper headlines about his heroism. Just as Ian had feared, it appears that the Avatar is getting a swelled head. And Ian's friend warned that when that happens, the Avatar turns bad.

   July 19, 2002

    Ian found out, from his friend in New York,  that the Shadow was really an Avatar. --Read on to find out this importance!--
    Alison found Jack at the Recovery Room and told him that Livvie wasn't lying, she is carrying Rafe's child.
    Rafe asked the doctor if she's sure Livvie's pregnant. She said yes, almost 100%. Livvie got upset that Rafe was having trouble believing that she was really pregnant. She accused him of not wanting the baby or her.
    At the Recovery Room, Jack tells Alison that he can't believe he's surprised, Livvie actually pulled it off. Alison told him that she heard the doctor give them the results. She got angry at Jack for giving her false hope. She was very upset and started pushing Jack. Finally she got so frustrated, she just ran out.
    Livvie told Rafe that she could see it in face, he didn't want them. She started telling him some lies about how they used to dream about having children, but now it is all turning out wrong. She told him that when she had gotten hurt in the park, the only thing she had thought about was the baby and losing it and him forever. She said she knew he'd rather be with Alison. But, she said, no matter what he did, she would always be there for the baby.
    Rafe told her that he didn't want the baby to grow up without a father like he did. But, why, he asked, does Livvie keep doing this, fighting to keep him when she knows. . . (Go on say it, said Livvie) . . . he doesn't love her.
    Rafe told her he's sorry for hurting her, but Livvie said he was only being honest. Rafe wondered why she still wants him. Livvie said because they have a connection. She was the one looking for him when he was lost (yeah right). She made up some story about how now there are some walls, no, curtains, between them right now and she believes they will come down.
    What about what I believe? asked Rafe.
    Livvie pointed out how he's always looking for a reason for why and how things happen so their having a baby together must have a reason. Rafe said that he'd been searching his soul for an answer. Livvie told him to search in her. No, said Rafe, I have to search in me. He jerked his arm away from her grip and went out of her room. He said he needed to search his soul and had a flashback of Alison. Alison, he said, and he went to look for her.
    Alison and  Jack were in the park and she was upset. She said the only thing that had kept her surviving was the hope of Rafe coming back to her, but now everything she could have hoped for is gone. Jack hugged her and Alison was surprised to see Rafe standing a few feet away.
    Jack got mad at Rafe and told him to go away. Alison convinced Jack to give them some time alone to talk.
    "There's not another face in the world that-- and for weeks it kept calling out to me, shining, like some kind of light in the darkness. The first time that  I actually saw your face--I mean the first time I remember, anyway,  it was like there was something in me sleeping that was waking up. And I just-- I had to. I wasn't thinking, not for a second, I just did what  I thought was right , that's why I kissed you , not just to bring you back, but kinda bring me back to life," said Rafe.
    Rafe explained that it was hard for him to fight his feelings. Just like in the attic, it was hard to fight showing her how much he wanted her. Alison said that's what she wanted to hear, but they both know it was just words. Nothing can go back to being the same because he's married, she told him. She said that she takes those vows very seriously and she knows he does too.
    In her hospital room, Livvie flashed back to the night she saw The Avatar. She remembers the deal they made. The Avatar got her pregnant and she keeps his true identity secret.

   July 18, 2002

    Alison found an unconscious Livvie and called for Jack and Rafe to help her. Livvie woke up and asked where she was. Jack told her to tell them how she got there and who had brought her.  
    Rafe and Jack told her that it looked as if she had been dragged there. Livvie told them that nobody dragged her there. Then she got annoyed that Alison was there. Rafe told her that she was there to help her.
    Livvie told him that he had left her alone and she was scared he wasn't coming back. So she had gone out looking for him and somehow tripped and bumped her head. Jack didn't believe her story.
    Rafe said he was going to take her to the hospital but she was reluctant to go. Jack asked why she didn't want to go, after all she was pregnant and she should see if the baby is okay. But when she got up to leave she doubled over in pain. Rafe told her she was going to the hospital.
    At the hospital, Livvie was having tests done to see if she was okay. The doctor told the nurse to rush the results because she wanted to see if it was still a viable pregnancy.
    Jack and Alison were waiting outside Livvie's hospital room. Alison was anxious to find out what was going to happen. Jack said that in a few minutes, Livvie's pregnancy scam was going to be revealed and Rafe was going to come  back to her and they were going to live happily ever after, and Livvie was going to disappear again and find her way back to him (Jack). Alison asked if that was possible and Jack said he wasn't sure. Jack told her that he couldn't stand the waiting and he had to leave. Alison understood and told him to go.
    The doctor came back to Livvie's room and closed the door. Alison opened it a crack to listen to the results.
    The doctor told Rafe and Livvie that all her tests came back normal. Livvie asked if that meant her baby was okay. The doctor told her the baby was thriving. (  WHAAAT?!   )   Shocked by the results, Alison ran off.

   July 17, 2002

    Alison was shocked to see Marissa, who looks just like Casey. Jamal explained that she wasn't Casey, and he asked what was going on between Jack and Rafe. Rafe told him that something happened to Livvie. Marissa offered to help look for Livvie, but Jamal insisted on taking her to the hospital because she had sprained her ankle while looking for the Shadow Man. Jack told Rafe they should get started looking for Livvie, but Rafe told him he didn't need his help. Jack convinced Rafe that he did need his help and Alison was ready to go with them, but the guys told her no. Rafe said that he didn't want to have to worry about her too. Jack pointed out that she had just gotten out of the hospital and she needed to rest. Jack and Rafe set out in search of Livvie.
    Jack apologized to Rafe about what he had said about Livvie, but, he said, he was just being truthful. He said that this was just like the whole Caleb thing again. Caleb who? asked Rafe. Jack told him Caleb Morley and Rafe told him that the only Caleb Morley he knows is a … Vampire, finished Jack.  Jack told him that Caleb was the one who almost turned both him and Livvie into vampires. Livvie knows Caleb? asked Rafe. Knows him? She was his bride, answered Jack.
    Jack told Rafe the whole story of Caleb in Port Charles and Rafe was stunned about what Livvie had done. He told Jack that he sounded almost proud of Livvie. He wondered if Jack still had feelings for her. Jack admitted he still felt something for her, and he told Rafe about their past. Rafe asked how he got in the way of their relationship and why Jack had let go. Jack told him that Livvie was the one who let him go. He asked Rafe if he remembered being with Livvie or Alison, but Rafe said no.
    Rafe noticed a piece of Livvie's nightgown caught on a branch. Jack pointed out that the ground was all torn up, like someone had been dragged there. Like, Livvie, said Rafe. They were also stunned to discover that while their footprints were shown on the ground, whoever, or whatever had dragged Livvie there, didn't leave any footprints
    Alison was looking for Livvie when she got a pain in her head. When she sat down to rest, she saw Livvie laying on the ground. She called for Rafe and Jack.

   July 16, 2002

    Alison and Jack were in the park and Alison was thanking him for what he had done, when Rafe came running up to them and asked them if they had seen Livvie. When he told them that she was missing, Jack said that was typical Livvie. She runs away and hides while making everyone crazy and then makes a grand entrance with some unbelievable story. Rafe was worried about Livvie because he thinks she's pregnant but Jack said, even if she was pregnant, is Rafe sure it's his? Jack told Rafe that he had been in his shoes. He had gone through all this lying and manipulating before.
    Rafe thought that Jack was just hung up on Livvie, because she supposedly left him, and that's why he followed her to the cabin. Jack said that was when Livvie was coming on to him, taking off her clothes and when Rafe came in, she called rape. Rafe got mad and went after Jack, but Jack slipped out of reach, turned around and punched Rafe.
    Jack and Rafe were fighting when Jamal and Marissa came out of the woods, and Marissa was holding a shoe she had found in while looking for the Shadow Man. Rafe took it from her and announced that it was Livvie's shoe. Jack began to wonder if Livvie was really missing.

   July 15, 2002

    Rafe and Alison were kissing when Rafe pulled away, saying he shouldn't be doing that because he was married. Alison asked him if he could honestly say that the kiss meant nothing to him. Rafe said, yes it did; after all, they had been involved at one time, so of course it meant something. But, he was still married and his wife was pregnant with his child. Alison asked him if there was no child, would he stay with Livvie instead of coming back to her? Rafe said that asking those questions wasn't going to help anything.
    Alison told him that she thinks he's afraid of loving her, about remembering their past, about wanting her as much as she wants him and it's hurting him. She told him to admit it, just admit that he loves her.
    Rafe kissed her and asked if that's what she wanted. She said no, what she wanted was for him to remember their past and to remember her. She said she knows everything about him, she knows his heart and that he always does the right thing, and that is why being with her is so hard to do.
    Rafe said, even if he did remember, there is still the fact that he is married with a child on the way, and no matter how much he didn't like it, that fact was still there. He got frustrated and kick the door open. Alison said he was free to go, but she wouldn't give up on their relationship, and one day he'll remember how much he loves her.
    Meanwhile, Livvie was attacked by something in the woods and disappeared.
    In heaven, Ed and James were looking in on Rafe and Alison and Ed was pleased to realize that Alison had affected Rafe so much. But when they went to look in on Livvie, the screen went snowy and they couldn't see her. James said something powerful was blocking her from their view.
    Rafe went back to the motel, but Livvie wasn't there. The girl from the front desk came to the room to inform Rafe that his wife had run out half dressed and upset. Rafe set out in search of his missing wife.
    Back in the attic, Alison was reminiscing of her and Rafe, vowing never to give up on them.

   July 12, 2002

    Rafe and Alison were in the attic and Rafe realized they were locked in. Rafe said that if Alison was supposed to be so sweet, like everybody says, why would she trick him into going there and locking him in with her. Alison said that she only wanted to talk to him, but locking them in was Jack's idea because she was just as shocked as he was. Alison said that she wasn't trying to play games with him, she's not like his wife.
    Rafe said that she shouldn't bring Livvie into this and Alison said she wished she didn't have to, but Livvie was playing him for a fool. She said he needs to open his eyes and see what was really going on. Rafe sat down on a trunk waiting to hear what Alison had to say, but Alison got all frustrated and pushed him down and called him a doofus. Rafe asked what she had called him and she said, "A doofus", because that's what he is. Apparently Rafe found this very funny because he and Alison started laughing. (awwwww)
    Alison then explained that she knew how important having a family was to Rafe. She said that they had even talked about having a family together and she had asked him to give her a baby, because she knew he was going to leave and she wanted to have a part of him stay with her. She said she knew that this was selfish of her, but she just wanted to have something to remember him by. Then she started crying, but when Rafe tried to comfort her, she pushed him away and said she wanted to leave. She went to the door and banged on it and started yelling for someone to let her out. Rafe pointed out that they had already tried that and it was no use, she was just going to lose her voice trying.
    Alison asked why he cared, she didn't matter to him. Rafe said she did matter to him. He cares for her, but he doesn't know how, he just feels something. He said he didn't know if it was just friendship or more. But, he said, he was married.  Alison told him to prove that he cared by kissing her. If the kiss revealed nothing but friendship, she promised to leave him and Livvie alone. They kissed and Alison asked him if the kiss meant nothing to him as Rafe just stared at her. Suddenly, as Alison was talking, Rafe grabbed her and kissed her passionately. (yeah!)
    Meanwhile, Livvie (ugh) was at the motel waiting for Rafe to come back, wondering why he was taking so long. Then she finally realized that (duh!) he was with Alison.  (only I think she thought they were at the barn) Well she went to find them and something in the woods scared her and she fell down.

   July 11, 2002
    Thrilled to realize she's ovulating, Livvie prepares to seduce her husband into impregnating her for real. Jack finds Alison crying in the park and offers her a sympathetic ear. Jack consoles Alison after she reveals why Rafe has elected to stay with his wife.  Jack offers to help Alison lure Rafe over to the Barringtons' attic in an effort to jog the former angel's memory.

   July 10, 2002
    Alison explains to Kate why she's so certain Livvie will never really have Rafe despite all her scheming and manipulation. Meanwhile, Livvie hopes her latest lie will lay an enormous guilt trip on her husband. Rafe promises a "weeping" Livvie he'll be there for her and the baby. Afterwards, Rafe buys a home pregnancy test and asks his jittery wife to make sure there's actually a child on the way.

   July 9, 2002

    Still the crazy schedule. Here's the recap from :

    Faced with a demanding husband, Livvie manages to trick a suspicious Rafe and announces her proof that they are going to have a baby. Rafe feels less than thrilled by the sobering news. Meanwhile, Alison remembers Kate's advice, and she finds the love of her life just as Rafe learns that Livvie is pregnant.

   July 8, 2002

    Local Stations have the schedule all messed up and they showed Thursday's episode today.
    But here's the recap from :

    Livvie decides to play her biggest card in hopes of convincing Rafe once and for all that they should be together. Kate tries to encourage Alison to fight for the man she loves in spite of her current feeling of despair. She also reveals to Alison that she has decided to go back home. However, Kate changes her mind after she gets an offer that she can't turn down.

(I just got caught up with Port Charles after missing it for a week and now I'm getting behind again! This is driving me crazy! hehe)

   July 5, 2002

    Rafe said that he wanted to know everything, how they met, how they fell in love. Alison said that she was going to tell him everything. Alison said that once he finally knew the truth, things would start making sense. Livvie, still hiding in the closet, said that she needed to stop Alison.
    Alison began to tell them that they were friends at first, and she was involved with somebody and she hadn't planned to fall in love with him, but she did. She said that she was so confused and he was her guiding light and he always told her to follow her heart. So she did and that led her to him. She told him about all the time they had together and about the time they first made love. She told him that he was her destiny. He said that he didn't remember. She said that even if that is the case, he was drawn to her, he kissed her, he woke her up.
    Rafe said he was drawn to her but he didn't know why he did what he did, just that it felt right.
    Alison asked if Rafe could bring her a blanket from the closet, but Colleen walked in to examine Alison. Colleen pulled a curtain around the bed and the closet was blocked from their view so Livvie ran out. She said that she had a plan how to stop Alison.
    Rafe asked what happened to them, why he had left. Alison said he needed to remember that on his own. Rafe said that he didn't remember her, but Alison said that he will. Alison said that he shouldn't try too hard, he should leave and take a break. She said that she wanted him to want to come back to see her.
    As Rafe was leaving, he bumped into Livvie. He said that they needed to talk. Livvie said no, she didn't want to talk to him right now. He asked what was the matter. Livvie said that she thinks she's pregnant.

   July 4, 2002

    Alison woke up and was calling Rafe's name. Jack told her that Rafe had come but he didn't let him stay. Alison was upset that Jack had made Rafe Leave.
    Livvie was looking for Rafe and found Kevin.  Kevin said he wanted to talk to her about Rafe.
    Rafe found Lucy and Lucy asked if he had figured things out. Rafe said no, but it was good to know he had family around. Lucy said yes, and they were his family and if he needed to ask her anything, to go ahead, anything at all.
    Rafe said he didn't know where to start. Lucy asked, how about his marriage? Rafe said that Livvie really loved him. Lucy asked how he felt.
    Rafe said that he wasn't sure. Lucy asked about Alison.  Rafe said he didn't know but he felt drawn to her. But he was married to Livvie. Lucy said she knew, but he belonged with Alison.
    Alison was very upset. Jack said that Rafe was married. Alison said yeah but she needed to talk to him. She said that she knew that Jack was trying to help, but he didn't need to protect her from Rafe.
    Livvie asked what Lucy had told him about her.  Kevin said that he didn't care, she's his daughter and he'll always love her no matter what. (are you sure? hehe)  Kevin told her to tell him everything.
    Livvie lied and said that she wasn't the one who set Alison up. Kevin asked about her relationship with Rafe and why noone knew about it. She said she kept it secret to prevent hurting the others. Livvie begged Kevin not to take Alison's side.
    Alison asked Jack to leave, saying that she was very tired. Alison had a nightmare where Rafe said that Livvie was his true love and he left her.
    Rafe asked Lucy if Alison was his true love, how come he didn't remember her? Rafe said that Lucy could help him remember. Lucy said that instead of talking to her, he needed to talk to Alison to remember. He needed it as well as Alison because she had been waiting for him to come back. Rafe left to see Alison.
    Kevin told Lucy that he had run into Livvie and that he really wanted to believe her because she is his daughter. Lucy said that maybe they shouldn't meddle in other people's business. They needed time for themselves. They should let Livvie solve her own problems.
    Livvie snuck into Alison's room and started talking to Alison as she slept. She heard Rafe coming and hid in the closet. Rafe came in and Alison woke up. Rafe said he wanted to know everything about the two of them. Livvie was still in the closet listening.

   July 3, 2002

    Kate told Ian that all the charges against Alison were dropped.
    Jack found Alison on the floor of her room.  She said that she was going to find Rafe. Alison told him that Rafe has no memory of her or the love they shared.  She said that she feels empty.  Jack told her he would help her. She said that she wished she could hurt Livvie because she was destroying Rafe.
    Rafe took Livvie to the chapel because she had to tell the truth before God.  Livvie pretended to get mad when Rafe told her that he had read her journal. Rafe told her that's why he came to the hospital to apologize. Livvie said that was good, and he should never doubt their love. He asked why she didn't want him to see Alison. He asked if it was because she thought if he saw her he would fall in love with her again.
    Jack realized that Rafe was the one who had knocked him out.  Alison said that she wished that she had walked into the cabin when she had the chance because she could've stopped all of this. Jack asked if it was possible that Livvie was telling the truth. Alison said no, that she was just twisting Rafe's mind.
    Livvie was getting mad that Rafe was doubting her. She told him that he was wrong. He wanted her to tell him the truth and asked why she was lying to him. Livvie said that she did lie only because she was scared that Alison had killed her father. Rafe said that because she had accused Alison, Alison almost died. Livvie began lying again saying that Alison was obsessed with him and that she was scared of her. He said that Livvie was forcing him not to remember although she claimed she wanted him to. Rafe was getting upset because Livvie was keeping him away from his family and people who knew him. He informed her that the people he had met had no idea about their relationship.  He said that Livvie had almost taken away everything from him by making him leave Port Charles.
    Alison was trying to make Jack believe that Rafe loved only her. She said that she couldn't tell him why he had left, but now that he was back, Livvie was just messing with his mind. Alison was trying to get up to find Livvie, but then she collapsed in her bed.
    Livvie was trying to cover up saying that her fear about Alison was real. Rafe was still upset because Livvie was keeping his family away. Livvie said that they could stay in Port Charles now that she knew her father was alive and she wasn't as afraid of Alison. Rafe was getting mad saying that Livvie had keep him isolated and was hurting him. He said because of her, he didn't know if he would ever get him memory back. Livvie said he would help him, but he said no he needed to find out who he was.  He said he was going to start with Alison. He needed to know who she was to him.
    Alison was asleep and was mumbling something about Rafe and Jack told her that she was his best friend and he wasn't going to let anybody hurt her. Rafe came and Jack told him to get out because Alison was asleep. Rafe said he just needed a moment, he wasn't going to wake her up, he just needed a moment. Jack let him and then told him to get out. Rafe told him sorry, he knew what he had done to him.  Jack told him that if it wasn't for Alison he would kill him.

   July 2, 2002

    Alison asked if she had heard Livvie right about them being married. Rafe said yes and that was what he had been trying to tell her. Livvie said that Alison was just mad that she had taken Rafe from her. She said Alison was so mad about it that she had killed her father. Kevin walked in and said that he wasn't dead, he was right there.
    Kate asked Ian if it was true about Alison. Ian said yes and Kate said that was great but it was still too bad about her murder charges. Ian informed her that Kevin was alive.
    Alison and Livvie were amazed that Kevin was alive.  Lucy said that something else amazing had happened, Alison had woken up. And she looked over and saw Rafe and called him “cousin” and he got confused and ran out of the room. Alison got mad at Livvie and told Lucy that Rafe had lost his memory and that Livvie had tricked Rafe into marrying her. Kevin asked it that was true.
    Livvie asked Kevin to step out of the room so she could explain. She put on an act saying that the whole situation was confusing and she was acting like the poor little victim. She told him that Rafe and her had fallen in love but they didn't want to hurt Alison or Jack.
    Lucy was asking Alison how Rafe had gotten back and why he and Livvie were married. Alison said she had no idea and that Livvie had lied to him and twisted everything around. Alison said that Rafe looks very lost and confused and that he wants to know the truth but she doesn't know whose truth he'll believe.
    Rafe was out in the hallway.  He hit his head against the wall as Alison's and Livvie's voices were going through his head.
    Alison said that even though he was back, he seemed farther away. Lucy said that deep down in his heart Rafe knows that he loves her. Lucy said that Livvie's lies were going to catch up to her. Alison said she knew that but Livvie was hurting Rafe.
    Livvie told Kevin that it was like when him and Lucy were married to other people, but they fell in love. Rafe and Livvie were in love but didn't want to hurt Alison or Jack. Lucy came out and joined them and Kevin asked Livvie to come home with them, but she said no, that her husband needed her. Lucy said that she needed to talk to Kevin about Livvie and Rafe.
    Livvie found Rafe and said that it was wonderful that her father was alive. Rafe told her that he wanted her to start telling him stories that made sense, because the Alison he had just met was not the Alison that he had met before and this Alison had not killed her father.

   July 1, 2002

    Lucy was amazed that Kevin had come back and they had a happy reunion while Lucy tried to explain what had been going on since he had been gone.
    At the hospital, Rafe kissed Alison and she woke up and was tearful when she realized that Rafe was back. Rafe kissed her again and she was happy and thanked God for sending back her angel.  Rafe asked if she knew him.  Alison asked him how long he could stay and Rafe was really confused.  He said that he didn't even know why he was there, he just walked in and kissed her. He said he was sorry, but he didn't even know her.
    Alison said that it was her, Alison, but Rafe said no, he had met Alison and she was not Alison.  Rafe flashed back to when he had met with the fake Alison.
    Ian came in and began examining Alison and Jack and Jamal talked to Rafe, wondering why he had left Alison when she was in such bad trouble. Rafe tried to explain that he couldn't remember, but they didn't believe him.
    They left Rafe and Alison alone so they could talk and Rafe tried to explain again the he had lost his memory. Alison wondered if he was on a mission from God and Rafe got really confused. He asked why she wondered that and she said that that was the only reason he would pretend not to know her.
    Rafe finally told her that he had only been here for a few weeks. He had no memory of the past 10 years of his life. Alison said that it was ok because all he needed to know was that they both really love each other and that all that matters.
    Rafe told himself that he couldn't do this. He told Alison that he was married. Alison said it was good that he had remembered that they were married. Rafe told her he wasn't married to her.
    Who else do you think your married to? she wondered
    And of course, Livvie had to walk in, saying that she was the one that Rafe was married to.
    Meanwhile, on a happier note, the Collins family had a happy reunion. The only one missing was Livvie. Kevin noticed this and was going to call her when Lucy stopped him. hehe