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--Past Polls--
Past Polls

November 1-June 3

Q. Is Stephen Clay. . . ..

95%   really Caleb back from the dead?
0%    another vampire for Rafe to vanquish?
3%    totally new trouble?
2%    just a musician whose music is really intense?


October 1-November 1

Q. Will Livvie seek revenge on Rafe and Alison?

79%    Duh! She's feels she's been hurt, so she'll try and hurt them.
17%    Maybe, only if she doesn't get back together with Jack.
4%      No way! She's not dumb enough to mess with Rali!

September 14-October 1

Q: How will Rafe found out about the baby?

7%    The Avatar/Frank will tell him.
7%    Lucy will tell him.
33%  Alison will tell him.
0%     Livvie will tell him.
53%     He will figure it out by himself.

June 27- July 6

Q: Now that Rafe and Alison have finally seen each other, will things go back to the way they were?

14%     Yes, immediately back to normal.
72%     Yes, but it'll take some time.
14%    No, Livvie will start scheming again.
July 6-July 13

Q: How will Livvie's newest scheme affect Rafe and Alison?

0%     Rafe will believe her and stay married.
22%     Alison will convince him she's lying.
78%     It doesn't matter because it won't work!

July 13-July 28

Q: What does the long-awaited kiss really mean?

89%     Rafe is falling in love with Alison.
11%     Rafe is finally remembering his past.
0%     Livvie's finally pushed him to the edge