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--Rafe and Alison Slideshow--

    Rafe and Alison Slideshow     "Can't Help Falling in Love" - A*Teens

    (You need a media player to view the slideshow, such as Windows Media Player)

I uploaded the slideshow again, so I hope this fixes the problems. If you still aren't able to view it correctly, you might want to save it to your computer first (by right clicking on it and choosing Save As. . .) and then play it. (then delete it if you want). Sorry for the inconvenience. --Liz

You can also save it through the zip file.  Click on it and choose either Save or Open file (both will download the file) : more info

Choosing Save will save both the zip file and the Slideshow file to your computer.
Choosing Open will open the zip file from this website and save only the Slideshow file to your computer.
File size: (zip)- 2.22 MB; (slideshow .wmv file type)- 3.62 MB