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--History of Rafe and Alison--
History:  Rafe and Alison         

Find out how your favorite daytime couple came to be
    Rafe Kovich, Lucy's cousin from Transylvania, came to Port Charles in order to help get rid of the resident vampire, Caleb. Lucy learned that she and Rafe were vampire slayers and needed to destroy Caleb. What Lucy did not know was that Rafe had actually been killed by Caleb 10 years ago and was an angel sent from Heaven.
    Rafe's angelic mission was to get rid of Caleb and to restore peace in Port Charles.
    Alison, granddaughter of Amanda Barrington, was, at that time, with Jamal.  Her, then, best friend, Livvie was brainwashed by Caleb to believe that she was in love with him, so Alison was trying to help her and Livvie's boyfriend, Jack, who was turned into a vampire thanks to a bite from Caleb.
    While investigating Caleb, Rafe, Alison and Jack visit the monastery where Michael (Caleb's alter ego) was a priest.  While there, a tree falls on Alison.
    When Jack goes to get help, Rafe heals Alison and she wakes up without any pain, like nothing had happened.
    Alison later witnesses Rafe bring a dead bird back to life and finds out that Rafe is an angel.  Rafe shows off his angelic powers to Alison, making pink roses appear.
    Rafe starts to fall in love with Alison.
    After Caleb is finally defeated, Rafe has to mend all the broken relationships caused by Caleb. Alison teams up with Rafe, and he begins to fall more and more in love with her.
    Alison's boyfriend, Jamal, learns that he has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Valerie and she wants him back.  Alison and Jamal's relationship begins to become shaky when Jamal goes to Chicago because his daughter is very sick.
    Rafe has until midnight on Christmas Eve to fix all the broken relationships.  At the Christmas Eve party, which actually turns out to be a surprise wedding for Lucy and Kevin, Rafe and Alison spend their last night together and then say goodbye.
    Rafe then learns that his mission was not completed, Jamal and Alison were still in a shaky relationship. So Rafe gives up his angel powers to return to bring them back together.
    Back on earth, Alison and Rafe begin to grow closer and Jamal and Alison grow further apart.  Alison becomes angry when she learns that Jamal has invited Valerie to stay with them and Alison leaves Jamal.  As Rafe decides to tell Alison how he really feels, he learns that Alison has reconciled with Jamal.
    Rafe is crushed.
    Alison later finds Rafe's journal and reads it. She learns that Rafe had been hiding feelings for her and her new knowledge stops her from making love to Jamal.
    Valerie is very unstable, because she had to give up her daughter, and she later goes after Alison with a gun. Jamal tries wrestle the gun away but accidentally shoots Valerie. After her death, Jamal pushes all his friends away and Alison is devastated. She decides to move back with her Nana.
    Rafe is angry when he learns about this and tries to talk Alison out of it, but Alison won't listen.  So Rafe "kidnaps" her and takes her to an old barn.
    They talk and finally realize that the feelings are mutual and they make love for the first time, in the barn. Since it is Valentine's Day, when they fantasize about being on a tropical beach, Ed sends them to one as a gift.

    Alison moves in with Rafe and they talk about having a baby together, but Ed informs Rafe that that is not going to happen.
    Later on, to prove their love to each other, they had a small ceremony in the barn and were "married" under the eyes of God.

    Rafe learns that (along with the other four angels who had come back to earth) one other person was going back to Heaven with him, by dying. Rafe was terrified that Alison was going to be the one. Then Alison shows Rafe something very special to her, the portrait of her great-great-great grandmother, Rebecca. Rafe notices that Rebecca looks exactly like one of the other angels, Paige. Rafe is scared that Paige is going to escort Alison back to Heaven, but he thinks that if Paige never meets Alison, she can't take her along.
    Rafe takes Alison away, trying to hide her from Paige, but spends so much time on this, their time together runs up.  They say a quick, tearful good-bye and Rafe disappears. Alison is devastated.
    While walking, she trips over a railroad track and her foot gets caught. A train is coming and Alison wonders if Rafe's fears were right, if she was the one who was going to die. But, at the last minute, Paige rescues her and then disappears.
    Alison wonders if her "Nana" Becca had rescued her.
    As the days go by, Alison becomes more and more depressed over Rafe.  Her "Nana" Becca starts to step out of the portrait and soon becomes Alison's favorite company.  She helps Alison feel closer to Rafe with her candles. When Alison lights the Love candle, she dreams about Rafe and when she wakes up, she finds a pink rose.  It turns out that Rafe had the same dream and had sent her the rose.  Ed, who turned out to be Rafe's dad, found out and sentenced Rafe to conscience duty.
    Alison starts to make candles, as her "Nana" Becca  did many years ago.  She learns that Rebecca was an alleged witch who was hanged for murder. Rebecca claimed to have been innocent, saying that they just couldn't understand her candles. Alison believed her and soon opened a candle shop.
    Livvie began to believe that Alison was dabbling in witchcraft with her candles and tried to shut the candle shop down.  She talked to Kevin and he went down to reason with Alison.  While he was there, Rebecca stepped out of the portrait and made him disappear.
    When Kevin was suspected to be missing, Livvie immediately pointed her finger at Alison accusing her of murder. She even planted false evidence to make the case against Alison stronger.
    Rafe begs Ed to let him go back to earth, but Ed tells him no, that his past visit was a one time things.  Desperate, Rafe turns to   James, the faithful servant to Caleb and an old enemy.  When Rafe learns that Alison is being wrongly accused of murdering Kevin, he signs over his soul to be with her.
    Ed renegotiates the terms of the deal with James. Rafe has a limited amount of time to find Alison and fall in love with her again.  If he accomplishes this, he would be able to remain on earth as a human. If not, James would get not only Rafe's soul, but Ed's as well.
    But Rafe was to have no memory of Alison whatsoever.
    When he returns to earth, the first person he sees is Livvie, who, in search of revenge of Alison for "killing her father", convinces Rafe that they were lovers before he disappeared.
    Although Rafe began to have memories of Alison, he had no idea who she is. So he believed Livvie and soon they got married.  But Rafe continued to have memories of Alison.
    Meanwhile, Lucy and Alison were working hard with Jamal, Jack, Ian and Kate (Alison's lawyer) in order to find Kevin, to bring him back and to clear Alison of all charges.
    Well Livvie truly believes that her father is dead (but of course he's not, he's really stuck in that place where Rebecca took him) so she plants Kevin's twin brother Ryan's ashes on the Barrington estate and when they are discovered, of course they think they are Kevin's because of the matching DNA.
    Everyone believes that Alison killed Kevin. Lucy is angry at Alison for lying to her and accuses her of murder. Alison thinks that by claiming her innocence she is causing everybody grief so she pleads guilty to the murder charges, but this lie puts her under so much pressure, she collapses.
    Kate informs everybody that Alison had lied and that she was innocent and Jack soon realizes what Livvie had done and went to get her to admit to it.
    When Jack arrived at the cabin where she was staying, Rafe walked in on them and Livvie accused Jack of rape and Rafe punched him, knocking him out.
    Livvie and Rafe left the cabin, much to Rafe's protest, and proceeded to leave Port Charles.
    When Jack informed everyone of what had happened, everyone believed that Livvie had planted the ashes and Lucy supported Alison once again.
    While Alison was in ICU, Lucy plays a trick on Livvie to trick her into confessing, saying that they had found Kevin, but her plan didn't work.  Livvie learns that Alison is in ICU and goes to visit her, plotting revenge.
    Rafe went looking for Livvie at the hospital and lit the magic candle which brought back Kevin, and left it in the chapel. Then continuing looking for his, eeww, "wife" he stumbled upon Alison's hospital room. He walked in and realized it was her, the girl from his dreams.  He kissed her and she woke up.
    Stay tuned and wait for the long awaited reunion of Rafe and Alison, "A Match Made in Heaven!"